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Python Script API Key

By Garrett Krohn on Jan 16, 2024
Secret Key

API Keys

One of the easiest security sins to commit is to accidentally put an api key into source control. Instead of putting an api key into a file which can go to source control, you can put an api key into your shell environment variables, and pull it into your script.

zsh file

I use zsh as my shell, so in my .zshrc fill I will add the following line:

export API_KEY=abcd1234

Then from within the script, use the following:

global api_key 
api_key = os.environ['SCHEDULE_MESSAGE_API_KEY']
if api_key == '':
    sys.exit('no api key found, please add an environment variable named API_KEY')

Now the api key is safely stored in your local environment and kept out of source control. Easy as that!

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